Welcome aboard.

We at Air Direct are dedicated to providing safe and cost effective on-demand air transportation of passengers and cargo, providing point to point service within the contiguous United States, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, and Mexico.

We allow you to make travel easy, eliminating the long drive and delays of the big airports and taking you right to your desination safely and comfortably. 

Leave long lines and security check-in behind, and envision quick and convinient boarding at the local airport of your choice.  Fly to and land directly at your destination, not the airline's.  Get where you need to go faster, and in the comfort and privacy of you own business jet.    

Forget about ever losing your baggage again.

"Having traveled all my life I know how difficult airline travel can be, especially after 9/11.

Our goal is to make your travel hassle-free and directly to your destination.
We service thousands of airports that are not available via the commercial airlines. 

Be sure to check out the Get a Quote link for an estimate of cost to travel on Air Direct."

- David L. Jones, Founder and Managing Member

24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week.

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