Cessna Citation CJ1+

Our Aircraft, Your Gateway to the Skies.
Air Direct maintains a fleet of Cessna Citation CJ1+ Aircraft, capable of seating 2 crew members and up to 6 passengers.  The CJ1+ is a brand new aircraft, combining leading power plant technology and avionics with a proven and top of the line design.

Capable of cruise speeds up to 450 Miles per hour, the CJ1+ will get you to your destination faster.  And with a service ceiling of 41,000 feet, it will get you there smoother, able to fly above the weather.  Finally, with our highly trained and qualified crews, the CJ1+ will get you there safely. 

Cessna Citation CJ1

Fly in maximum comfort, on your schedule.
The roomy interior of the CJ1+ is not only spacious, but also wrapped in a sound-proof blanket of acoustic insulation, reducing the inherently quiet engines to a level just barely audible to those relaxing inside. 

The intelligent design of the luxurious passenger seats allow complete relaxation and comfort.  Stretch out, enjoy the ride.  Standard 110v outlets are placed on either side of the cabin, providing electricity to any electronics, including laptops and portable DVD players, allowing either productivity or entertainment on the go.

Don't settle for peanuts.
Each aircraft is equipped with a galley cabinet stocked with assorted snacks, bottled water, coffee, and soft drinks.  In-flight catering is also available upon request.

Get where you need to go. 
Take whom you need to take.

Most importantly, the CJ1+ allows you to bring your entire team with ayou, wherever you need to go.  And since you charter the whole aircraft when you fly with us, you'd just as well bring the people you need with you once you reach your destination.  And with a range in excess of 1,300 nautical miles, the CJ1+ can generally get you to your destination non-stop, allowing you to get on the ground quickly and reducing non-productive time.

Pack your bags.  Expect not to lose them.
The front and rear baggage compartments provide a total of 45 cubic feet of space, and feature temperature-controlled environment protection, making sure your baggage arrives not only when you do, but every bit as comfortable.

The Citation CJ1+.  It's Ideal.
Charter one for your next business trip or pleasure outing.  Give us the opportunity to make you yet another one of our satisfied clients.